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Xjeem Networks founded in 2015 with an objective of providing Total Solutions to its valued clients. Xjeem Networks has been providing Software, Hardware & Networking Services both to the public & private sector of the country for decades. Xjeem Networks has dedicated its efforts to provide total satisfaction to our clients. Xjeem Networks is not restricted or confined to any specific brand of Computer, Platform or Application.

Xjeem Networks has an extensive experience in interfacing of hardware with IT solution and software operated hardware solutions, in the industry of sugar, petroleum, laboratories and logistics, from automating production Plant to vehicle tracking. Xjeem Networks is providing its services in the areas of Project Management, Software development, Web-site development, Software Maintenance, Managed Software Resources, Un-managed Software Resources, Graphic designing and Product Testing Services.

Beside serving the local industry Xjeem Networks have its own share in offshore business delivering through Pakistan and USA Offices.

Our Vision

Be moving with the pace of technology or even faster without compromising on quality and courtesy.

  • Our Mision

  • Based on Industry Best Practices.
  • As Per Customer Need and Budget.
  • Aligned with the demand of contemporary Era.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Man and Machine
  • Facilitating to Escalate Customer Efficiency, Growth and Success.
  • Developing long-term relationship with our customer.

Who We Are

We have a team of 25+ Technical resources in the Area of .Net, PhP, Android, Project Management, documentation, QA, these highly skilled and certified professionals have guided numerous organizations in developing the customized and configuring Off the shelf solutions.

Project Managment & QA