XJeem Retail ( The complete solution for your Retail Stores! )

XJeem Retail is made for grocery stores, departmental stores and supermarket owners so they can operate their stores seamlessly. While keeping things simple, our aim is to provide all the necessary features you need while ensuring speed, accuracy and control. Coupled with complete reporting feature, you can know whatever is happening in your store anytime you want to know.

Easy to setup and operate

XJeem Retail is one of the easiest POS to set up for your store. Our years of experience has enabled us to understand the needs of store owners and how much every second is important at checkout and cash counter. Our solution is light and completely click-based yet filled all the features needed by stores on day-to-day basis so that your team can easily make it a part of operations.

Transparency at every level

Need to issue a new purchase order? Wish to return some products back to manufacturer? Moving some stock from one retail outlet to another? With XJeem Retail you can generate Note of every step of your operation so everything is well recorded for reporting purposes. It just takes a few clicks to generate reports of your inventory, accounts and point of sales on daily, monthly and even hourly sales report.

A well-integrated system for your store

At XJeem Networks; we understand that everything is connected to everything in your store. That is why our XJeem Retail is a powerful and completely integrated system that understands the workflow of your store and keeps everything from inventory to purchase order integrated. It's time to move your store to a complete store management solution with cutting edge security, flexibility and speed.

Features Include :

  • User access levels
  • Complete secure system
  • Top Running Products
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Multiple Branches option
  • Customer Profiles (CRM)
  • Cash hand over (shift mechanics)
  • Multiple cash receiving (cash/credit cards)
  • Search (Item/Shelf/Bar Code/Price/Item Description)
  • Alternate Units and Product Attributes
  • Real-time Reports (POS/Accounts/Inventory)
  • Comments option in order
  • Credit and partial payments
  • Bill and item discount