XJeem Auto ERP ( A complete solution for Auto industry! )

While auto industry has modernized and automatized tremendously, the technological solutions to monitor tens of processes involving hundreds of parts is not as strong as the growth this industry is seeing. This is the reason with worked with leading automobile manufacturers and created a scalable solution that has its foundations on speed, accuracy and transparency.

Whether big or small, Xjeem Auto aims to be the answer for the needs of auto industry in information technology sector through the following features:

Comprehensive Purchase & Inventory Modules

From purchase requisition to goods receiving and payment, the Xjeem Networks Auto aims to streamline all the parts purchasing that happens in your industry. Get multiple quotations and compare them to ensure the best quality and cost is ordered. And even once a part comes in the inventory, issue notes ensure that no part gets misplaced and there is complete transparency.

  • Complete Procure to pay cycle
  • Detailed supplier database
  • Supplier wise comparative rates
  • Departmental stock reports (excess/shortage)
  • Goods rejection and return note

In-depth Production Module

XJeem Networks working with industry leaders allowed us to create a scalable solution where even the tiniest process of manufacturing an auto can be created, recorded and linked with the other modules like accounts and inventory. Along with that you can set approvals for each process ensure quality checks are happening at each stage.

  • Create in depth item recipes
  • Generate engine and chassis number
  • Production costing and note at each step
  • Finished and semi-finished goods

Sales & After Sales Modules

Xjeem Auto ERP goes beyond production with extensive sales and after sales modules. You can set distribution networks of your automobiles as well as spare parts through these modules while us after sales service ensures that you can go beyond in taking care of your customers.

  • Sales order processing and invoice
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Coordinate orders from clients/distributors
  • After sales service coverage and cost
  • After sales offers and details

Extensive Reports & MIS

Xjeem Auto ERP comes with most comprehensive ERP reporting functionalities. With them you can easily monitor which process of the company is currently in which particular stage. Check all the pending and awaiting approval documentations and streamline your company processes.

  • Accounts comparison
  • Inventory Reports
  • Business Partner reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Trial Balance