XJeem Pharma ( XJeem Pharma for medical and pharmacies to run their businesses smoothly! )

Pharma industry is complicated. We understood this through our years of experience working with this industry trying to find out how pharma stores operate and the problems they face. Realizing their requirements, we customized our core POS and introduced a customized solution named XJeem Pharma, for medical stores & Pharmacies.

Batch wise inventory

Managing the inventory is the toughest task in a pharmacy store and XJeem Pharma aims to make this easier. With our batch wise inventory, you can keep count of every strip our tablet sold through the cash counter. Worried about expiry of medicines? XJeem Pharma has inbuilt system to maintain expiries of items you have so your stock is always within the recommended usage dates.

All the capabilities of a POS

Have a general store along with pharmacy? We have got it handled. XJeem Pharma is a customized version specially made for medical stores but it has got all the powerful features of our XJeem Retail. Be it your accounts, sales or inventory, you can keep on everything. With our Notes system, every slightest change is well recorded whether its a purchase order or goods returning note.

Stay in touch with your store

Need to look which products are running well at your store? Or want to see which hours your store is performing well? Or want to have an overall idea of profit/loss? Reporting is one of the key features XJeem Pharma through which you can get back to everything happening in your store while you are present or behind your back.

Features Include :

  • User access levels
  • Multiple franchise handling
  • Customer Profiles (CRM)
  • Cash hand over (shift mechanics)
  • Real-time Reports (POS/Accounts/Inventory)
  • Comments option in order
  • Item expiry dates
  • Bill and item discount
  • Deals and Promotions
  • Complete secure system
  • Batch wise inventory
  • Top Running Products
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Detailed inventory reports